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Cool app

Found some great ideas on here and good places to go!

Still checking it out

When you are entering pictures- You can only do one at a time- so before and after a should probably be set up in a different app and saved. There doesn’t seem to be an auto correct or a cut and paste feature- Big downvote- As I’d like to make posting quicker- they charge you right away without being able to choose options- so that’s alittle scarey- But they did respond to emails.

Liked photos & Filtering

There should be a section where you can see the tattoos you liked before. Also, add option to filter when you’re searching such as colored tattoos or minimalist and such. When users add their tattoos they’ll specify whether it’s just a black tattoo or whether it’s greek, mythological, religous etc. or they can just leave those options blank.

Love Tattoodo!!

So many amazing tattoos and artists in the app. Just booked my next appointment😎

No sound

App is cool. Only problem is, I’m unable to hear sound on the videos.


Really nice service to see the best tattoos! Well done!

"A Diamond In The Rough"

Really nothing more to say than what's in the title. The app is a hidden gem, being totally free to use making up a large part of that.

Girl in A Bird cage

Love the idea great work

No black skin on here.

I’m half black and Mexican it’s kinda hard to see tattoos on dark skin but I thought this app would have lots of different skin tones. I only seen two pictures with dark skin on it soo I guess it’s just not for me. I’m just saying

Cool App, could use some work.

The app is cool! My only two complaints is that for some reason, the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen are half way cut off. At first glance I wasn’t sure which button did what until I tapped them and found it. Another complaint I have is that if I am browsing the images and switch to a different app for a short period of time and return back to the Tattoodo app, it refreshes me back to the home screen. Kind of a pain, other than that, it’s dope 👍🏼


Great ideas, designs and tattoos

Best tattoo app

I’ve been trying to find the tattoos for a full sleeve this gives you such a great app to find ideas I think that this app should be advertised in tattoo parlors.

Love tattoodo.

I like finding inspiration for designs and new tattoos. Best app!

no 1

tried several tattoo apps, this is definitely the best



Good artist

Got sibling tattoos with my brothers, used the app to find inspiration and a good artist!


I like the app because its cool

get it

Pretty cool app! thumbs up (Y)


Great way to find the right tattoos for you and other people!!

Great app

Good app! I’m a tattoo apprentice right now and this app is amazing to see inspirational designs and artwork! The only downside right now is that the app doesn’t display notifications within the app

Great app

Fixed a bug and I love the app now!


Great seeing the new ideas in tattooing. Rather NY centric. I’m not seeing any parlours representing the west coast, or even the rest of the eastern sea board, and no people of colour. Ehh.

Best tattoos!

This app has the best quality tattoos out there...I can pin my favorites images as inspiration for my next tattoo, follow my favorite artists and book appointments with my first choice shop. Love this!


I like the different styles from all around the world. Trending tats are cool to see as well. Great app!

Great app

Its a great app for the tattoo community to showcase artist that you may not know about or just to read tattoo related news in general.

Stuck until INSPIRED!

I honestly was stuck trying to find a new tattoo idea until I came across this app. I used to use Pinterest to get my ideas but never really felt comfortable with it but now my stressed is lifted because I can finally choose from all these tattoos to get inspired. Thank you very much!

Great app

I love this app, always go on it when I need new tattoo ideas

So needed!

I've been waiting for an app like this! It's like Instagram for tattoos. The work is exceptionally artistic, not the usual boring flash kind. True art in every sense of the word. Love that you can save tats to certain boards. I use this app for inspiration and ideas for my next ink!


The app takes a long time to load and doesn't always load all of the content.

Great App

Great catalog of Tattoos. I always scroll through it when I'm bored instead of Facebook and Instagram.

Doesn't include northern half of California

Doesn't even include the northern part of California I know a good shop in Dublin CA

Sign up required

Shouldn't have to make an account just for viewing. Remove that and I'm sure you'll get done users


Awesome tattoos...

The Art of The Skin

A lot of really fine designs Too much color?? Need more description and detail of the artist...what shop they are from and bio would be great! But all in all visually pleasing!

Need iPad version

Great app on phone but disappointed there is no iPad version

Cant submit my shop

Not sure of the benefits of this app and or website! Seems to be geared for collectors and fabs rather than artists and studios.

Needs work

Frustrating. Difficult to navigate.

starter app with potential

very difficult to navigate and won't upload photos from cloud or choose a folder where photos from. looks good but desperately needs an update

Glad I found this app!

Finally an awesome place to share my ink and get new ideas!

Love the app!

I use the app to catalog my tattoos and look at what other people are getting

Amazing ideas

Been on the fence about what tattoo style I want and this is really helping to narrow it down. Lots of awesome ideas and constantly updated with new artists and high quality pictures. Get it!

Really Impressed

I am really impressed with the quantity of images in the app. Using sites like Pinterest or Tumblr get old because its the same images over and over. With this I feel like I am always seeing new stuff. The functionality is great for what it needs to do. The only thing I would like is side scroll for better viewing of large inages.

Best app in years!

I just wrote a long review that got deleted. Long story short: best app in years. Already on my top 3. I think it's gonna be even better in the future ❤️

Can't do anything

It's really frustrating because every time I try to click profile, Feed, Discover, Etc. it closes the app and says Token Error: Your token has expired, please log in again. I can't do anything!

Ok until it crashes

Whenever I login and try to view an image in the Discover section, I get an error: "Your token has expired, please log in again" and then it kicks me back to the account registration page. Fix it!

Does not compute.

Token expired. Expired Token. Wtv. Would like it a lot if the app was usable.

Nice, But Some Bugs Because It's So New

I've always enjoyed Tattoodo's content... it's introductions of artists, new styles, and an infinite offering of inspiration for future pieces. That said, the app seems a bit wonky still. Trying to catalog my tattoos and all the loaded pictures come up blank. Looking forward to some improvements in this app as I regularly visit the Tattoodo website.

A league of its own!

This is by very far the coolest and best tattoo app I've stumbled upon! Great userbility and really cool content. This is a must for anyone who's serious about tattoos... And actually also for everyone else :)


An amazing place for true tattoo aficionados!

So Sad! BUT NOT ANY MORE!! ⭐️⭐️

I was so excited to get this app, and look at all the artist. Unfortunately all I get is a constant loop of four black and white photos over and over again. I really hope that they do an update soon so I'm able to get into the app! Once I'm able to get into the app I would like to change my review into 5 stars instead of one. It's just so sad that there doing nothing about this situation. Update!! Super excited I was finally able to get into the app! It was everything I expected and more. Now I give it 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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